Manuka Honey UMF8+ - 250gram

Manuka Honey UMF8+ - 250gram

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ORIGIN: New Zealand 

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The ultimate honey with anti-bacterial properties from Nutritionz of New Zealand.

Nutritionz UMF 8+ (MGO182+) Manuka Honey is a mid grade, certified to have at least 182mg/kg of Methylglyoxal. This is perfect for everyday consumption and a great way to   give all the family the nutritional benefit of Manuka Honey. All our Manuka Honey has a rich smooth flavour.


SIZE: 250gram


Retail units per shipper: 12 x 250gram

Quantity per layer: 21

Layers per pallet: 11

Shippers per pallet: 231

Pallets per 20' reefer: 20 (4,620 Shippers)

Pallets per 40' reefer: 44 (10,164 Shippers)