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Almond Milk 0 sugar 12x1L

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Our Almond Milk is made from Spanish almonds.  This is the best vegan alternative to animal milk. This product contains the equivalent of 10 almonds per glass, and it's healthy because it brings all the benefits of nuts. It helps to improve cardiovascular health,  is a source of energy, protein, and fibres.  

Ideal for drinking cold, cooking or for enhancing any hot beverages such as hot chocolate or your favourite coffee!

Ideal for people with diabetes and recommended for diets designed to lose weight, for vegan and vegetarian diets


Without sugars.
Lactose-free and gluten-free.
Light and easy digestion.
100% vegan.
10 almonds per glass.
41 kcal per 100ml.
Source of f and protein.
Strengthens the heart and improves cholesterol levels.
Made with local almonds.
Made with 100% S almonds.



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